Autorzy: Agnieszka Rzepa, Tomasz Soroka

PACS and Canadian Studies in Poland

The history of Canadian Studies in Poland starts with a number of enthusiastic scholars, who—while working in other, though often related disciplines—engaged in Canada-related research and introduced the Canadian component into their classes. As a result, by the beginning of the 1990s quite
a few Canada-focused or Quebec-focused courses were offered in several university centers all around Poland. Today, the fields represented by the majority of the Polish Canadianist community reflect the interests of these first enthusiasts: literature, history, political science and sociology. In the past two
decades more universities started to teach Canada-related courses, and several Canadian Studies Centres have been established all over Poland. The Centers, though focused mainly on research and teaching carry out a wide range of activities that include also outreach events. The scholars who helped to create these centers play a major role in spreading knowledge of Canada and popularizing Canadian Studies among successive generations of Polish students. In 1998 the enthusiasm of Polish Canadianists and their passion resulted in the foundation of the Polish Association for Canadian Studies (PACS) – a
non-profit, purely voluntary body which coordinates and provides information on Canadian studies in Poland, brings together Polish and foreign academics, researchers and students doing work related to Canada, and supports their activities.