Canada Week at the Faculty of English (AMU Poznań)


ALL sessions will be broadcast live on Zoom and on the Faculty of English Facebook fanpage. If you wish to receive the Zoom link, please register here:

Monday, March 18 | 11:30-13:00 | room 236

Student session (in English)

  • Aleksandra Jurga: “The experience of the Holocaust in selected memoirs of the Azrieli Holocaust Survivor Memoir Program”
  • Hanna Błauciak: “Why should you care about postcolonialism and Latinos in Canada?”
  • Julia Chojnacka:  “Indigenous wisdom: Traditional ecological knowledges in the face of climate change”
  • Michał Bankiewicz: “Mors Kocharski – ‘The more you know, the less you carry’ – the legendary bushcraft instructor from the Northern Forest”

Tuesday, March 19 | Aula im. Hrynakowskiego


  • Marcin Markowicz (UAM): “The past and present of queer activism in Canada”
  • Mateusz Świetlicki (UWr): “High school, queerness, and indie pop. The intersections of Canadian young adult literature and popular culture”

11:30-13:00 (session in Polish)

  • Agnieszka Rzepa (UAM): “Czarna Kanada: dylematy przynależności”
  • Michał Obszyński (UW): “Od Black is Beautiful do Black Lives Matter: polityczno-kulturowa afirmacja czarnoskórej mniejszości w Kanadzie od lat 1960 do dziś”


  • Jeff Bremer (Iowa State University): “A brief history of Canada: First Nations and Europeans to 1867”
  • Weronika Suchacka (USz): “Practices of intersectionality in Canadian literature”

Thursday, March 21 | 18:30-20:00 | room 235

In Polish: Wokół tłumaczeń: pisarka i jej tłumaczka. Spotkanie z Ewą Stachniak i prof. Ewą Rajewską (UAM) (see here for details)