Autorzy: Editors: Dagmara Drewniak, Ewelina Feldman-Kołodziejuk, Piotr Sadkowski, Joanna Warmuzińska-Rogóż

Inclusion and Exclusion in the Canadian context / Inclusion et exclusion dans le contexte canadien (2024)

The volume convenes English- and French-speaking Canadianists who share a broad reflection on issues of exclusion and inclusion in Canadian contexts. It is through historical, but also linguistic, cultural and literary perspectives that we can unveil and learn more about the particular instances of inclusion and exclusion. The volume offers a kaleidoscopic view of Canadian history, politics, literature, and culture. The collected essays provide a discussion on a number of contemporary Anglophone and Franco-phone literary works, the evaluation of Canadian language policy, the reflection upon the literary canon as well as challenges of literary translation in a bilingual country, the distinctness of Black Lives Matter Canada, and, last but not the least, the historical status of New France. 

The editors, Dagmara Drewniak, Ewelina Feldman-Kołodziejuk, Piotr Sadkowski and Joanna Warmuzińska-Rogóż are long-standing members of the Polish Association for Canadian Studies. Their research pertains to Anglophone and Francophone Canadian literature and culture. 

The collection features essays by the following PACS members: Anna Żurawska, Tomasz Soroka, Joanna Warmuzińska-Rogóż, Krzysztof Majer, Grzegorz Duliński, Dagmara Drewniak, Piotr Sadkowski, Ewelina Berek, Michał Obszyński, Marcin Bzdawka.