Autorzy: Hartmut Lutz (Editor), Weronika Suchacka (Editor)

Land Deep in Time: Canadian Historiographic Ethnofiction

This volume brings together a group of most highly acclaimed Canadian writers and distinguished international experts on Canadian literature to discuss what potential Janice Kulyk Keefer’s concept of “historiographic ethnofiction” has for ethnic writing in Canada. The collection builds upon Kulyk Keefer’s idea but also moves beyond it by discussing such realms of the concept as its ethics and aesthetics, multiple and multilayered sites, generic intersections, and diasporic (con-)texts. Thus, focusing on Canadian historiographic ethnofiction, “Land Deep in Time” is the first study to define and explore a type of writing which maintains a marked presence in Canadian literature but has not yet been recognized as a separately identifiable genre.

Publisher: V&R unipress | Year of publication: 2023

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